Revise, Revitalise and Accessorise!

by | Apr 13, 2012 | Colour Me Beautiful

We all reinvent ourselves in various ways throughout life and can renew ourselves constantly. For example we can change a small part of our weekly routine by getting more exercise, trying something new or giving our home or personal look a bit of an update.

So how about a bit of a style update by beginning with your wardrobe and Spring clean it a little?! When assessing your wardrobe don’t just flick through the hangers, instead take everything out, lay it on the bed and move things about. See your outfits in a different light so as to give them an update with some new accessories or a pashmina or a new pair of nude coloured shoes. Mix and match more of your outfits by splitting up suits and putting the jacket with different skirts or trousers and vice versa. Experiment more with what you have in your wardrobe etc and have fun discovering new ways of wearing your clothes! If you haven’t worn something for over a year ditch it, sell it or give it to a charity. Marks and Spencer are running a campaign with Joanna Lumley called ‘Schwop it’ so others can benefit from those outfits you no longer wear.


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