Colour Me Beautiful Corporate.

Colour Me Beautiful Corporate.

Booking an event, presentation or workshop with Ann guarantees you and the rest of the audience will have fun and learning in equal measure. Ann will demonstrate the science behind colours in terms of the depth of colour, the value and hue of colour and why it is that some colours really suit us and some do not. The audience will go away wiser about what works and how to make the most of what they already have in their wardrobes. Events can provide a fun and enjoyable way of getting across key top tips in brief or longer sessions.

Ann can provide a range of Corporate events, Group / Charity events and one to one corporate consultations.

Contact Ann to discuss your requirements in more detail.

“Thank you for putting on a really enjoyable and insightful event. I know how much work goes in to these and it always shines through.” Happy Client

Discover the science behind colours.

Image Presentations.

Image Presentations: P.O.A.

Ann can provide a range of image consultations for corporate and business clients.

More and more organisations (of whatever size) are hiring Ann to come in to their organisations to deliver a variety of services such as corporate image presentations for:

  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Team meetings
  • Charity events
  • Corporate identity experiences
  • A thank you’ to staff customer and sales service image programmes.

Ann has also provided individual corporate one to one consultations and group sessions/workshops.
What does your organisation need right now?

Corporate image extends beyond that of your logo, website and industry position. The personal image of your employees has a direct influence on how others perceive not just their individual competence, professionalism and creativity but vitally, that of your business too.

So whether you are looking to improve your corporate image and how to improve the impression you make with your existing and potential customers, or just want to include a fun session into your corporate team events, speak with Ann to discuss your requirements and add some colour and style into your event.

Image Workshops.

Corporate Image Workshops: £458

Our corporate image workshops can advise delegates on how to dress and behave appropriately in all business, helping you to develop and enhance your corporate image.

Areas covered include:

  • Personal image
  • Body language
  • Business etiquette
  • Presentation skills
  • Executive coaching
  • Personal branding
  • Networking skills
  • Colour
  • Style
  • Fashion updates
  • Personal grooming
  • Communication skills

Each Corporate Image workshop is tailored to your specific needs and conducted by Ann to meet your requirements and budget.
We can cater for any number of delegates in all types of businesses to suit most budgets.

The following agendas are just some examples of what can be covered in one of our sessions. Following a discussion with you we will put together the most appropriate agenda for your individual requirements.

  • Conference presentation.
  • Image workshops.
  • Presentation skills for senior and middle management.
  • Workshops for graduate/management development.

Please contact us with your enquiry for a no–obligation bespoke agenda and quote.

Ann’s Corporate Image workshops are available to provide entertaining mini consultations or presentations to enhance client or team building events.

Charity and Group Events.

Contact Ann to see how she can help add some colour and style to your Charity or Group event.

One to One Consultation.

One to One Consultation: £645 (3 hour duration)

Whether we care to admit it or not we all make snap assessments of other people based on the way they look. Judgement is passed on another person’s values, background and capabilities within moments of meeting, even before proper personal contact has been established. The way in which you present yourself has a direct influence on how others perceive your abilities including your sense of quality, professionalism, creativity and how you value yourself. A poor image is self defeating. It only succeeds in hiding your true qualities and abilities. Image affects performance. If you look good and dress appropriately to your role and the situation, you get more recognition from others, not just because of your clothes but because you look the part and exude confidence.

Image programmes advise attendees on how to dress appropriately in all business situations, thereby projecting an image of confidence, credibility and success. Each programme:

  • Is tailor-made to your specific requirements.
  • Is designed to cater for all types of businesses and levels of attendees.
  • Places emphasis on the need to portray the corporate image in your business.

Sessions can be customised to suit the required objectives, duration and cost, to cover your requirements.

Contact Ann to organise your One to One consultation and to discuss how that you can improve on your corporate image.

Accredited Member.

Being an accredited member of world class and industry organisations, shows Ann’s commitment to personal and professional development. These memberships allow you to be confident that Ann adheres to a professional code of conduct, that is current and evolves as standards and practices change.


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