NLP is a practical discipline and focuses on seeing results realistically.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach which offers individuals a toolkit of approaches for dealing with the many opportunities and challenges that life brings.

NLP is a practical discipline and focuses on seeing results realistically, efficiently and confidently. As one of the first NLP coaches in the UK, Ann has gone on to become a pioneer in this sector, sitting on the International NLP Leadership Summit. She now designs and delivers her own programmes, certifying NLP practitioners of the future.

A toolkit for
dealing with
and challenges.

Ann is highly qualified and experienced as a coach and trainer and is renowned worldwide for her expertise in coaching people in this sector. NLP can form an important component of leadership training and coaching, as it can aid people to improve communication and influence skills. It also builds resilience.

 Fundamental to leadership, it can have a significant positive impact on achieving results and goals, develop relationship skills, help you to connect with your purpose and navigate through challenges effectively,

Ann shares her vast NLP knowledge and expertise through qualification courses, individual coaching or through devising tailored programmes for groups or businesses.

As with all of Ann’s services a bespoke approach is taken that will deliver the best results. NLP can be effectively combined and complimented with Colour Analysis and wider training and coaching.

Accredited Member.

Being an accredited member of world class and industry organisations, shows Ann’s commitment to personal and professional development. These memberships allow you to be confident that Ann adheres to a professional code of conduct, that is current and evolves as standards and practices change.


Ann Skidmore Associates
1 Poolfield Road
WS13 8EB

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