Leadership is the beating heart of my offer.

Everything offered by Ann Skidmore is driven by a passion to enable people to become successful leaders. Inspirational leadership is the difference that makes the difference.

Ann knows how to get results and is proud to offer a number of tailored options and routes to achieving effective leadership, catering for both individuals and teams.

Good leadership transforms a business from the inside out. Emotional intelligence, excellent communication, visibility, transparency and connectivity are all fundamental to being an effective leader. These skills form the basis of all Ann Skidmore leadership training and coaching.


Most people are leaders at various points in their lives, even if they do not realise it. It is not exclusive to the workplace, but also within home life, sports and interests. Leadership ability is something that everyone can develop.

Leadership is about the ability to influence and inspire people through your personal attributes and behaviours. This includes people who perhaps don’t hold the role of ‘Manager’.

Through bespoke training workshops, coaching, team building events, NLP and Colour Analysis packages, Ann will enable you and your team to become the best leaders you can be.

Ann Skidmore can work with people on a vast range of leadership areas including:
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring
  • Managing change
  • Leadership development
  • First time leadership
  • Small business leadership
  • Managing conflict
  • Getting the best from the team
  • Presenting skills
  • Confidence building
  • Making good recruitment decisions
  • Young leaders
  • Empowerment
  • Managing virtual and remote working teams

Why invest in unlocking your leadership potential? There are so many reasons. Most people in a leadership role actually find themselves there accidentally and without any real training or coaching. Good leadership creates a 32% growth and productivity increase; picture this impact on your business.

People leave managers and leaders, more often than they leave jobs! It is estimated that conflict in the workplaces cost UK organisations £84billion per year. Staff retention, development, motivation and growth internally into future leadership positions should be the aim of all organisations.

Leaders are able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of others to bring the best out in the team, listen, share and delegate (without interfering). They are competent in their industry and committed to their role, conveying synergy with the organisation at all times and building trust within their team.

Accredited Member.

Being an accredited member of world class and industry organisations, shows Ann’s commitment to personal and professional development. These memberships allow you to be confident that Ann adheres to a professional code of conduct, that is current and evolves as standards and practices change.


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