Colour Me Beautiful for Women.

Colour me Beautiful for Women.

​So take a look at all the possible consultations you could have with Ann and think how much more comfortable you will be when you know what really suits you. Consider all the lovely feedback you will receive from family, friends and colleagues when you are wearing the right colours and the right style of clothes.

Ann can offer a wide range of colour, style and image consultations to suit individuals or groups.

If you are not sure where to begin then do what most of Ann’s clients do and start with a colour consultation – lots more information below!

“A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes.” Vera Wang

Colour, style and image consultations.

Colour Analysis for Women.

Full Colour Analysis: £229
Group Style Workshop: P.O.A.

What is Colour Analysis?

Have you ever :

  • Been confused by colour?
  • Looked in the mirror and felt dull?
  • Wanted to wear more colours but not sure which ones suit you or  how to wear them?

A colour me beautiful colour analysis will demonstrate:

  • Why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others.
  • What your dominant colouring is and how this determines what colours suit you.
  • A complete make-up in the right colours with tips on the make-up that suits you naturally.
  • How to wear and combine colours to achieve the look you want both at work and play.
  • How to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes.
  • Where to find your clothes this season.

Carol Jackson developed the Colour Me Beautiful system of colour analysis in the 1970’s based on the colour theories of Johannes Itten, an artist from the Bauhaus School of Art in Germany.

It took as its basis the colours and shades of each season; for instance spring has a bright, vibrant warmth to it whilst winter is full of cool tones and dynamic contrast.

These days the system used is more sophisticated, there are six dominant types of colouring with variations within each dominant. As Colour Me Beautiful regularly continue to update and improve their system they are still the market leaders for accuracy and product quality. We will even advise on how to wear black when it’s not within your palette!

By examining an individual’s natural colouring – their eyes, hair and skin tone – Ann can work out which palette of colours will suit that person. These colours will be the most flattering for clothes and makeup. Hair colours, accessories and even home decor can also be discussed.


What happens in a session?

Individual session:

At your colour analysis session (which lasts 1.5 – 2 hours), Ann will find out about your lifestyle, clothes, make-up, shopping habits and what you like to wear.  By looking at the way your skin tone, eye and hair colour work together, Ann will show you how to wear the colours from your personal palette and ways in which you can use these colours to complement your unique colouring. This session also includes full make-up and advice for women; grooming advice, an extra shirt and suit swatches for men.

All 42 shades in your palette will be looked at and out of these it will become very clear as to what colours are the most flattering, including a few that should look simply stunning on you.  Ann will advise you on what your neutral colours are and how they work best for your wardrobe staples such as suits, jackets and trousers.  You’ll then be shown how you can use accent colours to give your outfit the WOW factor.  You’ll also receive a full make-up makeover in colours that complement your skin tone and features, along with a list of suitable make-up shades, so you’ll leave feeling and looking great!  A personalised wallet containing 42 fabric swatches and colour combination tips is yours to keep for your future shopping trips.

You will also be able to observe what doesn’t suit you having seen the effects of “right” and “wrong” colours against your skin. For instance wearing the wrong colours can emphasise what we may be trying to play down or they can make us look pale and tired. The right colours can make us look brighter, younger, bring out the colour of our eyes and have a clarifying effect on the skin.  Overall you can expect to feel more confident about what you are wearing and also receive more compliments as you wear the colours that bring out the best in you.

In Groups:

In groups of two to five – each person receives forty minutes of colour analysis, which is an abridged version of the individual session.

Style Consultation for Women.

Full Style Consultation: £229
Group Style Workshop: P.O.A.

By considering your body shape, personality and budget, a Style Consultation with Ann will help you select clothes and accessories that flatter your shape, make you look great and feel more confident.
A style consultation will show you how to:

  • Select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape.
  • Emphasise what you like about your body and disguise what you don’t.
  • Achieve a perfect fit every time when buying clothes.
  • Express your personality through your wardrobe.
  • Avoid shopping disasters.
  • Develop a coordinated wardrobe so you get maximum usage from it.
  • Dress with confidence, whatever the occasion.
  • Reduce time and frustration looking for the perfect outfit.
How it works.

You’ll start by filling in a short questionnaire which will help Ann and you determine your ‘style personality.’ Then you’ll discuss your body shape and learn how to make the most of your good features and how to take attention away from the features you don’t like. Advice will cover tailoring, clothing styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories, as well as places to shop.

Ann encourages all her clients to bring several pieces of clothing from their own wardrobe to the consultation – some things you like, and some you don’t – so that you can see in practice what you have learnt throughout your style consultation.

Ann will make a note of all the tips and advice you receive in your Style Workbook so you’ll leave your consultation with the confidence of knowing what your personal style is and how to choose the right clothes for you.

Make-up Lessons.

Make-up Lesson: £115

Have you been applying your make-up the same way for years? Or maybe you’ve never worn make-up and you’d like to learn. If so, it might be time for an update.

In this lesson Ann will teach you how to apply your make-up quickly, effectively and in the right colours to suit your natural colouring and personality. You take away a personalised workbook detailing all the advice given to you, plus hints and tips to keep you looking your best.
A make-up lesson will show you:

  • How to best care for your skin.
  • A fast and simple make-up routine.
  • Make-up colours that suit you naturally.
  • Application tips for a long-lasting look.
  • Make-up looks for your special occasions.
How it works.

To ensure that you get to grips with the techniques and applications that Ann shows you, you’ll be taken through the make-up application process slowly. You will be given time to see exactly how we apply the products and the various shades that will flatter you. There’s plenty of time to discuss different looks and ask questions, and so that you remember everything, Ann will record all her advice in your personal beauty workbook.

A full range of Colour Me Beautiful make-up and skin care products are available to try and buy from Ann during your make-up lesson or from her online shop.  You can pay by Pay-Pal.

Make up lessons are ideal for groups as well as individuals.  So if you, your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy a make-up lesson then just contact Ann now!

Make-up Prescriptions.

Make-up Prescription: £70

A make-up prescription is a great way to meet Ann and find out more about colour me beautiful and colour analysis.

A make-up prescription will give you :

  • A brief assessment of your dominant colour type.
  • A check through your make-up bag to see which of your products work well for you.
  • A full make up in your best colours.
How it works.

Take along your make-up bag to Ann, who will have a look and advise you which of your existing products are really working for you, and which ones are not earning their keep.

You’ll have a chance to try on make-up from the colour me beautiful cosmetic range and you’ll receive a list of shades from our range which will suit you best.

After seeing the range of colours that work for your make-up you may want to consider booking a full colour analysis so that you can apply your best colours to your wardrobe too!

A make-up prescription is ideal for groups as well as individuals. So, if your friends, family or work colleagues want to enjoy a make-up prescription then just contact Ann. For a more in-depth analysis of your best make-up colours consider a make-up lesson or a colour analysis.

Bridal Colour.

Bridal Colour Consultation: £379

As a true romantic it may seem like you’ve been dreaming about your big day ever since you can remember and now can’t make any decisions. Or perhaps you are more of a natural, not really given it a second thought and are now totally flummoxed as to where to begin! Regardless of your dilemma, Ann can help you with the one of her unique bridal services.

Each bridal service has been designed to fulfil the needs required by any bride during the run-up to her big day – Ann can even help the groom too!

Bridal Style.

Whether a traditional wedding or a more informal, unique occasion is more your style, this consultation will show you how to select the all-important dress. Body shape, proportions and personality are all key factors in choosing the best style, fabric and cuts for your ultimate dress. Ann will be able to show you exactly what works for you – invaluable advice to ensure you look and feel amazing. Ann can also help you to get your honeymoon wardrobe together too!
Bridal Colour

Even if you are sticking with traditional white there are so many to choose from. Subtle tonal changes can make a big difference to how you look. Ann will show you what white is right for you. If you want to make an impact with colour you want to make sure it’s a good impact. Ann can advise and inspire you to wear the colour that really works for you and creates the desired impression.

Ann can also advise on suitable colour options for your bridesmaids, flowers and even your wedding night lingerie!

Bridal Make-up.

It really can be worth treating yourself and have someone else do your make-up on your wedding day. Apart from looking fabulous, it will give you the chance to sit back and relax for a while, comfortable in the knowledge that you are in the hands of an expert.

This consultation includes a practice run-through so together with Ann you can decide on your look. On the day the Ann can come to your home/venue and do your make-up and any of the other members of the bridal party.

For the Groom.

Don’t forget the groom! He may appear to be un-fazed by all the preparations but he undoubtedly wants to look his very best on the day too! Ann can help in ensuring that your wedding style and colour scheme is carried through to the groom and compliments him too.

Colour Parties.

Colour Party: £150 per person

The colour party is for a minimum of 6 people and includes a make-up application and 30 colour swatches for each person.

Colour parties are a great way to get some friends together as well as being a relatively inexpensive way of having the colour me beautiful experience.

The atmosphere at colour me beautiful parties is fun, social and interactive, so everyone gets involved.

As a reminder of all the tips you pick up, everyone receives a goody bag full of information to take home. Our colour workshops are perfect for hen-nights, baby showers, busy mum parties, or simply as an excuse to get your group of friends together!

All parties are great fun and everyone gets money off vouchers against a full colour or style analysis and cosmetic purchases.

How it works.

Learn about your dominant colouring and what that means to the clothes and make-up you wear, you will learn how to apply make-up and have the opportunity to try the exclusive colour me beautiful cosmetics range.

The time allocated to each person is approximately 30 minutes and everyone receives their own wallet containing 30 fabric swatches as a guide to shopping.

Gift Vouchers.

Treat that special someone to a colour me beautiful gift voucher. It’s the ultimate pampering gift idea and can be redeemed against any of my services.

Call 01543 416242, or email to order a gift voucher.

Accredited Member.

Being an accredited member of world class and industry organisations, shows Ann’s commitment to personal and professional development. These memberships allow you to be confident that Ann adheres to a professional code of conduct, that is current and evolves as standards and practices change.


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